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Hi everybody and welcome to Tuck's Tips  

If you are curious or just need new inspiration for your kitchen, you are in the right place my friend! Here at "Tips with Tuck" we will be posting real examples along with to-die-for recipes using all types of Tucker's Seasoning. 


  • Is there an issue with your website? Can’t place an order.

    deanna hollings
  • Are you still at Canton? My son is crazy about the OG…..is there a store in Dallas that sells your products? Thanks for the info.

    Cindy Corley
  • I bought several seasonings from you at 80 Acres for a Father’s Day gift. You mentioned we can purchase more at a store in Longview. What is the name of it again?
    Also, what do we do with Stamped?

  • Hi, is this the original Otis Tucker Grill dust? please email me and let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks.

  • I bought the pink seasoning and taco seasoning at Canton last month and it is amazing! I’m looking forward to trying more flavors!

    caroline amays

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